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Photo Notes

Historic Centre of Brugge

Brugge is an outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement, which has maintained its historic fabric as this has evolved over the centuries, and where original Gothic constructions form part of the town's identity. As one of the commercial and cultural capitals of Europe, Brugge developed cultural links to different parts of the world. It is closely associated with the school of Flemish Primitive painting.

An iconic feature of Brugge are the canals, which once ferried trade in & out of the city. In this picture the still evening air has settled the surface of a canal into a mirror. It was shot on a tripod using live view in order to compose precisely the way I wanted.

Shooting in European cities is often difficult because of the numbers of people, I usually shoot early in the morning when only the local people are on the street. The swan adds some beauty to this photograph, which I achieved as I was hunting for some people pictures just after sunrise.

Shot inside the Hans Memling Museum, the colour of the Flemish Master's painting brings this picture to life. I shot at dusk in order to retain some detail in the windows above the painting. The ambient light coming through the windows appears blue because the picture was shot with tungsten white balance.

These "Godshuizen" or "Gods Houses were originally built with funds donated by the towns wealthy elite in order to house the poor or elderly. Mostly built in the 18th & 19th centuries they are still used for the same purpose. Now municipal buildings they provide accommodation for elderly Brugge residents.

This gruesome scene is a detail of one of Memling's pieces on display in the Hans Memling Museum. The tungsten white balance rendered the colours perfectly.

Photo Notes:
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Historic Centre of Brugge
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