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Photo Notes

Palace and Park of Versailles

World Heritage assignment: the Palace of Versailles, France.

The water fountains at the Palace of Versailles are only turned on during a few hours over the summer months. They are often covered by a cloud of spray and it is hard to “see” the exact moment you want to capture. By using the camera’s burst mode I could increase my chances of capturing the water as it formed the most interesting patterns, and hopefully reveal the sculptor’s original vision. The long zoom (helped by the MEGA O.I.S. - optical image stabilizer), enabled me to isolate the central figure and eliminate annoying visual distractions.

The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles – one of the most stunningly decorative rooms on the planet. I was particularly privileged to have it to myself at a time when the hall was closed to the public. I used a tripod and available light for all the interior shots, always making sure that I wasn’t seen in any reflections!

Another special place at the Palace of Versailles is the newly renovated Royal Opera House. I was given a very short time to document this fantastic auditorium, and even a simple shot such as this of the Royal Box, makes a beautiful image.

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