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Photo Notes

The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes

World Heritage assignment: the Loire Valley, France.

The Chateau de Chambord is the biggest and most impressive of the Loire Valley Chateaux, and I spent a few hours photographing the numerous rooms and climbing over the roof to get these extra special angles.
This shot was taken at the top of the central tower and I wanted to show both the large artificial lake and the roof details through the stained-glass windows. The lightweight G1 helped, as I ended up balanced on a fragile stairway hanging out over a long drop to the basement!

This graphic pattern is formed by a spiral staircase in a Chateau tower. I could capture it by turning the Free-Angle Intelligent LCD around and putting the camera on the floor in the centre of the spiral. I also experimented with a variety of aspect ratios on this shot, but liked the 16:9 ratio the most.

The Loire Valley has some of the most beautiful buildings in Europe and often it is just the patterns that have been created by the construction that gives the rewarding shot. Simple but stunning!

Photographing buildings that are beautiful and set in spectacular surroundings can sometimes overwhelm you with the visual opportunities that they offer. This classic shot of Chateau Azay-le-Rideau reflected in the water, was taken when I pushed through some overgrown bushes at the water’s edge and discovered this magical and very classical view.

Often I keep returning to a particular location and re-photographing it to try to get the best possible vision. I got this shot with the G1 when I stopped briefly on the way back from another location. I noticed a couple spending a quiet evening together, and by including them at the bottom of the frame, suddenly a static building shot becomes alive.

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