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Photo Notes

Costiera Amalfitana

World Heritage photographic assignment to the Amalfi Coast in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a World Heritage site for a number of reasons including its steep mountain landscape into which generations of people have cut steps leading to terraces; Moorish influenced architecture and the sea-influenced culture along the Mediterranean Coast. With this portrait formatted shot, taken in the hills near Ravello, by holding the camera well above my head and viewing on the live view LCD, I managed to include all the elements in one frame - from the walkway in the foreground to the sea and coastline in the distance.

Paper-making is a traditional craft on the Amalfi Coast. This available light shot, using a tripod and a slow-shutter speed of ½ second, makes a pleasing illustration of this ancient craft. I followed the process through to the finished sheet of paper – a typical “photo essay” type coverage.

The wide-angle lens and the adjustable LCD viewfinder allowed me to get these unique angles which were appreciated by the local historian as they captured architectural details, and juxtaposed structures, in a new and visually pleasing way. It is always fun to work with a new lens that can extend the options you have as a photographer.

This shot was taken in pouring rain during a lightning storm. I had gone up to a high vantage point to photograph a fireworks display that was being organised by the village that can be seen illuminated at the bottom of the frame. Unfortunately it was raining so hard that the fireworks display had to be cancelled, but as if in compensation, nature put on a great thunderstorm which gave some very dramatic and different views of the coastline.

The Amalfi Coast has many narrow fjords which have been used as havens for fishing and commerce. This narrow fissure in Furore was interesting challenge to shoot particularly because of the high contrast between the sunlight and shadow areas.

Looking out of my apartment window one morning, just before I went on location, I noticed a local fisherman heading out to sea. The 200mm (400mm, 35mm equivalent) end of the long zoom, allowed me to get this shot without even having to leave the kitchen!

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