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Photo Notes

Darien National Park

OUR PLACE World Heritage assignment: Panama

From Costa Rica I journeyed south for two days to enter a humid tropical environment: Darien National Park in Panama. To reach my destination I took three planes, a bus, 2 taxis and a rough 2-hour ocean voyage aboard a tiny motorized canoe! Darien forms a land bridge between North and South America and this untamed almost inaccessible terrain supports a range of habitats. My guides are of the Indian Embera tribe.

From Garrachine, Panama I embarked upon an ocean coastal journey in a leaky canoe (not to worry the cameras were stored in a special water tight case). Along the way we met an enormous sea turtle, dolphins and flying fish. The ocean air, salt water splashing my face and the sun that burnt my back, I was far and away from anything that resembled my snowy home back in Canada.

Near the beach, we set-up camp in a typical native habitat owned by a local family. It was my first time sleeping in a tropical humid forest and let me say it was almost as noisy as New York City at night! Good thing I had brought a mosquito net to hang over my sleeping bag, keeping away all the things that crawl and bite. At night a guide always keeps watch and a fire remains lit to ward away bigger creatures, such as bush dogs, monkey jaguars, jaguarondi and puma.

February is the dry season here, so our hikes always remained dry and we used the riverbeds as our pathways. After 3 physically and tiring days we made it out safe and sound but sweaty and stinking!

Photo Notes:
Area de Conservación Guanacaste
Ruins of León Viejo
Darien National Park
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