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Photo Notes

Ruins of León Viejo

OUR PLACE World Heritage photographic assignment: Nicaragua

My voyage to Central America began at Leon Viejo, the only World Heritage site in Nicaragua. Leon Viejo (Old Leon) was established in 1524, and is one of the oldest Spanish colonial settlements in the Americas. In 1610, this important site was buried by the eruption of Momotombo, a 1200-meter volcano that is still active today.

Leon Viejo was rediscovered in 1999 and is still being uncovered. This site is flat, vast with clear blue skies always in the forecast. Therefore, to accentuate the ochre colour found in the mud brick remains, I chose to shoot most of my photos near sunrise and sunset. Most of the time I used longer exposures with a greater depth-of-field to achieve a better appreciation of the size of the ruins.

Photo Notes:
Area de Conservación Guanacaste
Ruins of León Viejo
Darien National Park
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