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Photo Notes

Pueblo de Taos

Situated in the valley of a small tributary of the Rio Grande, this adobe settlement – consisting of dwellings and ceremonial buildings – represents the culture of the Pueblo Indians of Arizona and New Mexico.

It was midmorning after a light snow. I was moved by the solitude and quiet of the moment. I enjoyed the design elements of the timbers reaching down to the North Pueblo.

Overcast and snowing. The old ruined church ruin overlooks a sombre scene in the compensanto at Taos Pueblo.. The simplicity of the crosses gave me some connection with the ancestors.

Blue Door and a winter morning at Taos. The accent of blue with adobe works very well for me. With the ambient light there are no distractions of sun and shadow…

The simplicity of shadows in the snow caught my eye as I explored the site searching for the unusual angle on Taos Pueblo. Simple and abstract….

Church doorway and cross in white. The contrasting cultures and religious of South Taos Pueblo beliefs have always intrigued me visually..

Photo Notes:
Pueblo de Taos
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