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Our Team

The photographers who work on assignment for the OUR PLACE World Heritage project have a proven track record in documenting Cultural and Natural locations around the world.

Our team of International photographers endeavors to capture the human dimension of a site as well as its important physical elements and have worked in a large variety of cultures and geographical locations.

We have photographed over 360 sites in more than 85 countries and the OUR PLACE World Heritage Collection is the "the first official World Heritage Photographic databank." - UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

On assignment to the world's most interesting locations, OUR PLACE Photographers often encounter technical challenges and logistical problems but ultimately they have rewarding experiences.

OUR PLACE Director, GEOFF STEVEN has photographed sites in many regions including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Read about Geoff's adventures in Photo Notes.

"this great heritage belongs to us all"

CHRIS MORTON - as well as documenting sites in China, his native New Zealand and, this year Lebanon & Syria, Chris has recently returned from photographing in Chile (see Photo Notes).

"a place where the past is shrouded in mystery"
On location for OUR PLACE, PAUL WHITFIELD has photographed Yosemite National Park USA, Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia, Kotor, Montenegro and Lord Howe Island Group, Australia.

"food poisoning left me totally exhausted..."
Photo Notes
SUSAN WRIGHT is based in Italy and recently shot two sites in southern Europe. In Photo Notes she writes about her trip to Agrigento, Sicily.

"its incredible natural beauty and extraordinary landscapes"
AMOS CHAPPLE's many OUR PLACE assignments include locations in Europe, India, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea.

"documenting what needs to be preserved"
Photo Notes
Australian photographer, VINCENT LONG, has travelled to Africa, Central America and the Philippines for the OUR PLACE team.

"capture the spirit"
GEOFF MASON has journeyed to Europe, South America and Africa to photograph a range of World Heritage sites for the OUR PLACE World Heritage Collection.

"the best of the world's cultural and physical heritage"
Photo Notes
Wildlife photographer, TUI DE ROY, has photographed the Galapagos Islands, Mount Kenya and the Gough & Inaccessible Islands.

"a visual voyage of discovery"
Icelandic photographer PALL STEFANSSON, has travelled extensively in Africa and Scandinavia. Pall writes about his visit to the Island of Goree - Senegal, in Photo Notes.

"the endless variety of our planet"
Renowned US landscape photographer DAVID MUENCH's OUR PLACE assignments, have included Yellowstone National Park, the Hawaiian Volcanoes, and Uluru, Australia.

"the world's finest locations"
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