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// November 2015

Greetings ,

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Paris – city of light

Paris: - The HQ of UNESCO and a symbol of culture

The recent attack on the citizens of Paris and others on worshipers in Lebanon and tourists in Egypt, are horrific reminders of the myopic and fanatical views held by some people who unfortunately we have to share our planet with.

Paris is where UNESCO has its Head Quarters and is a city known as a global centre of culture.

In a press release following the Paris atrocities Ms Bokova, the Director General of UNESCO said, “This crime affects us all. It represents an attack against the whole of humanity… “Following several recent attacks in many parts of the world, violent extremists have struck at the core of togetherness, hitting places of conviviality that bring people together, cafés, a stadium and a venue dedicated to live performances, places of culture in a city that is seen throughout the world as a symbol of culture…”

Working together as global citizens to root out extremism and reinforce the acceptance of different world views is an essential aim for all of us if we wish to move toward a more peaceful planet. “Togetherness” creates collective strength and it is important to hold onto and celebrate this ideal.

Our Place photographers travel to many different countries and work hard to capture cultural and natural locations that are locally and globally important. By sharing our images, others can understand and care for these places. Hopeful they will also generate sense of togetherness with the local communities whose lives may be different, but whose dreams and ambitions are very similar to our own. Together we all must share “our place on our planet”.

And as a reminder of how special Paris is, here is a link to the OP Gallery of “The Banks of the Seine, Paris”, World Heritage site. 


Geoff Steven,


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