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// May 2012

Greetings ,

Assets and Opportunities

We at OUR PLACE are lucky. We get to travel to, and spend time at, some of the world’s most spectacular and important locations. During our visits we often see a privileged “behind the tourist line” insight into the site and its key promotable assets. We also obtain a detailed understanding of its particular challenges and glimpse some new opportunities.

By visiting a wide range of sites, both cultural and natural, you can also begin to form an overview of how various sites have integrated successfully into the daily life of their local communities and how others seem to be missing out on that opportunity. World Heritage listing is a valuable asset and it can be exploited with both positive and (unfortunately negative) results, and many sites now face this dilemma.

The potential of sustainable tourism is one of the biggest and most obvious opportunities for lesser known but highly interesting WH sites. How this ideal is achieved by a site without compromising its integrity is becoming one of the most important and interesting debating points within the World Heritage community.

Complimentary festivals, Cultural Events, Exhibitions etc are all ways that we have noticed more and more sites starting to seriously consider as means to attract extra visitors and often, additional revenue.

As photographers with experience in visual promotions and presentation, we have also noticed that a significant number of WH sites do not have a resource of quality images for promotional and PR use. The local site teams often haven’t had the mentoring and instruction on how to capture the most saleable aspects of their site and then how to use those images to promote it to potential visitors. This is becoming more of an issue as the huge number of amateur photographs being uploaded onto the web can create a distorted picture of what the location actually wants to feature as significant points of interest. If a WH site doesn’t make its own quality images available, the market can be saturated by numerous substandard ones.

Our Place is now offering a service to National Commissions and WH Site Management teams to help them upskill their on-the-ground personnel to enable them to generate a selection of usable pictures which can become a valuable promotional tool for future use.

World Heritage listing is only the beginning of the ongoing challenge of a site increasing its profile in the minds of the local community and travelling public.

Holding imaginative (and well run) complimentary events on the site, and creating a comprehensive visual archive that shows the location at its best, are becoming essential tools for a site wanting to compete for the tourist income.

We at OUR PLACE are willing to help supply expertise in these areas... We believe that for many World Heritage sites, extra tangible benefits can be created which will generate additional income and increased community support.

Geoff Steven,
CEO, Our Place.

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Our Place gives prizes for UNESCO Video Competition

In keeping with our policy of supporting the visual celebration and documentation of the World's Heritage, OUR PLACE has recently donated a special camera package as first prize in a UNESCO Video Competition on Cultural Diversity. We congratulate all the entrants and particularly Evgeny Tarasov from Russia who won.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and comments at Our Place World Heritage. Email us at info@ourplaceworldheritage.com

Don't forget you can upload and share your own World Heritage site photos at www.ourplacephotos.org

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