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Happy New Year from Our Place to your place...

2011 is the UN designated “International Year of the Forest”.

Over 100 World Heritage sites are recognised wholly or in part because of their forest bio-diversity. These sites are particularly important for the planet's well-being as they are some of the few areas left in the world where plants and animals can live throughout their natural life cycle unmolested. Their protection and conservation is also critical in helping the planet maintain its climatic equilibrium.

The OUR PLACE photographers have visited and documented a number of these sites and we have many evocative and dramatic images now on file. These include photographs from Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia; Kinabalu Park in Malaysia; Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary- Wolong in China [a good example of a forest environ helping in the protecting of an endangered species]; and the Rainforests of Astinanana in Madagascar.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Kinabalu Park,
Sichuan Giant Panda
Sanctuaries - Wolong,
Mt Siguniang and
Jiajin Mountains, China
Rainforests of the
Atsinanana, Madagasgar


This month, as one of our new galleries being added to our on-line collection, we are including another important World Heritage forest site, the spectacular [and photogenic] Redwood National Park from the USA. We are also presenting an ancient Buddhist Monastery in Bangladesh; remnants of ancient Greek & Roman civilisation from Italy, and a Norwegian historic trading village. A selection of locations from around the world that once again shows the diversity of the world’s heritage...

This month we also congratulate the team from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in Paris for their winning entry in the “Greening of UNESCO” video competition. Our Place was pleased to be able to donate a LUMIX camera as the first prize in this competition.

From protecting forests on a global scale to generating ideas for reducing individual and corporate carbon emissions... all are making important contributions towards protecting our place on our planet.




New Picture Galleries

  The latest natural forest site to be added to the OUR PLACE World Heritage Collection is the world-renowned Redwood National Park, USA. The giant Redwood trees of northern California are the tallest trees in the world. This Pacific coastal forest thrives in the moist temperate climate, and is home to numerous species of mammals and threatened birds.
Over three thousand years Syracuse, in Sicily has borne witness to the tides of Mediterranean history, and shows evidence of Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Moorish, and Norman cultures.
The nearby Necropolis of Pantalica contains thousands of rock tombs dating from the 13th century BC. 
    The Paharpur Vihara or great monastery, in Bangladesh, was a centre of Mahayana Buddhist thinking from the 7th Century. A total of 177 monastic cells are built around a vast temple decorated by stone carvings and plaques. This important archaeological site is shown to have influenced Buddhist architecture as far away as Cambodia.
In one of the oldest trade ports of northern Europe, Bryggen, Norway, wooden buildings form the harmonious nucleus of the ancient quarter. Although fire-damaged, successive restoration has been faithful to its traditional values of practical urban design, and the utilisation of space.    


La banque d’images de OUR PLACE sur le patrimoine mondial est développée en partenariat avec
le Centre du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. L’équipe OUR PLACE a déjà couvert plus
de 295 sites du patrimoine mondial dans plus de 85 pays.


El archivo fotográfico sobre patrimonio mundial OUR PLACE ha sido desarrollado en colaboración con
el Centro de Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO. El equipo de OUR PLACE ha fotografiado hasta ahora más
de 295 sitios declarados Patrimonio Mundial en más de 85 países.

We'd like to hear from you, contact us: info@ourplaceworldheritage.com

All OUR PLACE Photographs are taken with Panasonic LUMIX cameras

Panasonic supports the OUR PLACE project, see LUMIX GLOBAL

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