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In September I gave a number of presentations at Photokina in Cologne. This is the world’s largest photographic expo where photographers, both professional and amateur get close up and hands on with the latest technology and manufacturer's new camera models. This year the buzz was about 3D recording and still cameras shooting HD video. I was a guest of our photography sponsor, Panasonic.

It is always interesting to talk to a large group of photographers about our World Heritage Photo assignments. Rather than looking for the one or two 'great shots' that most photographers strive for when visiting a new location, the OP photographers are challenged with recording wide representative coverage of the World Heritage site, with particular emphasis on capturing why it was worthy of inscription onto the UNESCO WH list. As with all photographers we still look for that one great shot, but it just one aspect of the overall assignment.

Our Place aims to show 'people in place' where possible, and that is another special challenge for our team. Dramatic portrait shots or tightly framed group scenes often don’t give any sense of context – i.e. the record of 'place' that is a key ingredient of a good Our Place location shot.

Having a dialogue and sharing some of our images with new photographers is a good opportunity to refine our photographic values and to spread the challenge of documenting the world’s heritage sites. These sites become more than just distant locations in some theoretical conservation and protection project - through good photography they can be seen to be living locations that viewers can form an emotional bond with.

Our photographers, both those already on the team, and those who will be joining us in the future, are playing an essential role in communicating this World Heritage message.

It is said the a good photograph is worth a thousand words....our photographers often get that 'great shot' but it is just one among the many that they take as they document our planet's natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

I hope that you will find the new galleries we have uploaded this month will inspire you photographically and give another fascinating glimpse of 'our place on our planet'.

Regards, Geoff     GEOFF STEVEN, DIRECTOR, OUR PLACE The World's Heritage

New World Heritage Picture Galleries

In a spectacular mountain setting and built around the site of a sacred spring, the Geghard monastery and its associated buildings are carved into the steep cliffs of the Azat river valley of Armenia.
High in the Andes lies the City of Cuzco, Peru. The historic capital of the Incas - founded in the 12th century - this complex city state lasted until the arrival of Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century when the existing structures were over-built with Baroque churches and palaces.
Despite fire damage in the 17th Century, the brightly painted buildings of the Old town of Rauma, Finland remain oustanding examples of wooden construction in the Nordic vernacular architectural style.
Well-preserved buildings of the Baroque and neoclassical styles constitute the heart of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, while the nearby Jesuit sanctuary of Jesús Nazareno de Atotonilco is adorned with intricate paintings and murals in the tradition of Mexican Baroque.


La banque d’images de OUR PLACE sur le patrimoine mondial est développée en partenariat avec
le Centre du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. L’équipe OUR PLACE a déjà couvert plus
de 290 sites du patrimoine mondial dans plus de 85 pays.


El archivo fotográfico sobre patrimonio mundial OUR PLACE ha sido desarrollado en colaboración con
el Centro de Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO. El equipo de OUR PLACE ha fotografiado hasta ahora más
de 290 sitios declarados Patrimonio Mundial en más de 85 países.

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All OUR PLACE Photographs are taken with Panasonic LUMIX cameras

Panasonic supports the OUR PLACE project, see LUMIX GLOBAL

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