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Welcome to our new look News section

I hope you enjoy this format and find our most recent photo galleries interesting...We are always thankful for the positive encouragement that we receive from our friends and colleagues around the world.

We are rapidly approaching having three hundred of the World's Heritage sites available on our website - there are now 3,400+ separate images available for you to view and enjoy. With 911 sites currently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list we still have a big challenge ahead of us but with new international photographers constantly joining the team we are continuing to add new sites to the OUR PLACE and UNESCO WH Centre's archives.

OUR PLACE has a diverse team of photographers who capture the images that take us to these fascinating and important sites. Check out some of them on the Our Team page and read 'Photo Notes', a new feature which reveals the "behind camera" stories and technical details from their travels to the world's most stunning locations.

We are also negotiating OUR PLACE World Heritage Photographic Exhibitions with various parties in Europe and Asia, so that more members of the public will soon be able to see and celebrate the diversity of our shared cultural and natural heritage.

Please pass our website on to others, and we look forward to hearing from you with your comments and feedback. See the photo galleries below.

Regards, Geoff

Geoff Steven, Director, OUR PLACE The World's Heritage

Our New Picture Galleries

  Renowned for its vast caves and teeming bats Gunung Mulu is a National Park in tropical Borneo. The abundant plant-life and spectacular scenery of Gunung Mulu certainly made an impression on photographer, Paul Whitfield, as he recounts in Photo Notes.
The walled City of Acre on Israel's Mediterranean coast was originally home to the Phoenicians. The town's long history of continual habitation has provided many relics, including the remnants of its Crusader and Ottoman past.  

  The ornate gardens of Schönbrunn, with their statues and fountains provide a serene backdrop to the Palace itself - Vienna's Baroque showpiece, the former summer residence of the Habsburg emperors.
Beneath the shadow of Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico, lies the Historic Centre of Puebla. This thriving town exhibits some fantastically intricate baroque chuches, and houses decorated with brightly coloured tiles, which contain elegant stairways and beautiful ironwork balustrades.


La banque d’images de OUR PLACE sur le patrimoine mondial est développée en partenariat avec
le Centre du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO. L’équipe OUR PLACE a déjà couvert plus
de 280 sites du patrimoine mondial dans plus de 75 pays.


El archivo fotográfico sobre patrimonio mundial OUR PLACE ha sido desarrollado en colaboración con
el Centro de Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO. El equipo de OUR PLACE ha fotografiado hasta ahora más
de 280 sitios declarados Patrimonio Mundial en más de 75 países.

Contact Us: info@ourplaceworldheritage.com

All OUR PLACE Photographs are taken with Panasonic LUMIX cameras

Panasonic supports the OUR PLACE project, see LUMIX GLOBAL

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