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Area de Conservación Guanacaste

OUR PLACE World Heritage photographic project assignment: Costa Rica

An Iguana basks in the sun. Guanacaste Conservation Area, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999. This 147,000-ha site is in the far north west of Costa Rica. This place is vast and to cover the key points of this area was physically challenging.

As the sun rose we were out of the lush green forest tree line and scrambling on dusty volcanic rocks at 1800-meters. We started our climb at 28 degrees Centigrade and once at the top we were confronted by 50-60 km/h winds and the temperature had plummeted to 5 degrees Celsius! Not to worry both Panasonic cameras withstood the sand storm but changing lenses was not an option. To the east, from the Caribbean side, humid clouds were forming before my eyes and blowing over in great gusts. To the West, the Pacific desert side, the air was dry and the smell of sulphur was almost unbearable.

5000 year-old Petroglyphs. After 3 days in Guanacaste National Park, 22 km of 4x4 rough and extreme road conditions, 40 kilometres of hiking, 35 to 5 degrees of temperature variations, seeing monkeys, exotic birds, a bad back and aching legs, I was still having fun doing what I love best: Capturing important natural and cultural artefacts and sharing them with others.

Photo Notes:
Area de Conservación Guanacaste
Ruins of León Viejo
Darien National Park
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