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Photo Notes

Great Barrier Reef

OUR PLACE assignment: Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Michael J. McNamara used the award-winning Panasonic LUMIX® DMC-GH1 to capture both high-res still photos and full HD videos of the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system.

McNamara, an advanced scuba diver and underwater photographer, took advantage of the compact Panasonic LUMIX GH1’s 12.1-MP photo and exceptional full HD video capabilities, as well as its interchangeable lens system and live viewfinder. Paired with a custom underwater housing and unique lighting system, the ‘hybrid’ features of the DMC-GH1 were rigorously tested during his 23 dives on the reef.

McNamara captured a treasure trove of still images and HD video footage that include sharks, turtles, exotic tropical fish, colorful fan corals, barracudas, and giant clams.

“Its an honor to be part of the international team of photographers who document the World Heritage sites for their physical and geographical aspects, flora and fauna, and the human elements that make them of outstanding universal value. The partnership between UNESCO and OUR PLACE helps increase our awareness, knowledge and appreciation to better protect these remarkable places, many of which, like the Great Barrier Reef, are fragile and threatened by extreme climate events and man-made stresses.” McNamara comments.

The lightweight, state-of-the-art LUMIX equipment that McNamara carried, enabled him to travel incognito, and kept his photo and video subjects at ease during filming.

Photo Notes:
Great Barrier Reef
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