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Photo Notes

Old Rauma

Spanish photographer, Oriol Casanovas, travelled from his home near Barcelona to Scandinavia to document sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Oriol took with him the following LUMIX equipment: GH1 camera, 14-140mm lens, 7-14mm lens, 45-200mm lens, GF1 camera.

Rauma is a quiet, tranquil town that appears to be governed by the bicycle. Its spirit is not in the wooden pastel coloured buildings: it is in its rhythm, determined by the quiet pedalling speed of its inhabitants. Shutter: 1/4000 sec Aperture: f/4 ISO: 100 Focal Length 48mm

Photographing people is something delicate. An unknown person taking pictures of you creates an interference that “breaks” the naturalness and magic of that moment … or at least this is my belief. You must be careful not to intervene in the scene, nor create any disturbance. Instead of shooting the situations with the eye-level camera viewfinder, I use the rotatable LCD viewfinder to “catch” them. It is very effective and discreet. In this case I just sat in a bench in front of these “old mates”, put the camera on my knees, and while watching the scene with the variable viewfinder, I clicked the shutter. Shutter: 1/160 sec Aperture: f/5.5 ISO: 100 Focal Length 48mm

I will always remember that I took this shot at twelve o’clock. I had to climb the old stairs of the former city council clock tower. Spiders’ webs, dust and so on… It was a tiny cramped space. To get this view I had to put my head inside of the bell… Shutter: 1/160 sec Aperture: f/5.5 ISO: 100 Focal Length 48mm

I took this picture with the camera on a tripod; I liked this frame and the colours. I sat in the street and waited for some action to happen. But nothing did occur. Nobody passed through, no cars, nor dogs or cats. We were there, just me and the fence, facing each other. Some minutes after, still alone in front of this simple scene, I realised that the picture was nice as it was. A pastel yellowish wooden fence, and a brown door in Rauma. It is as Rauma is. Shutter: 1/400 sec Aperture: f/4 ISO: 100 Focal Length 45mm

Photo Notes:
Old Rauma
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